new haven, CT.









My town is 78 out of 100 (very walkable). Funny thing is, I just got back from a walk. A very walkable walk.

I got a 91/100! I love hollywood!

My hometown got a 20, haha. Semi-rural areas, whoo!

My college town has a 98 though. That’s accurate.

ETA: Just for funsies I checked the walkability of the Atlantic Ocean, just to see if it would let me. Apparently if you live in the ocean, you’re car-dependent.

My town is a 63, my address is an 8. I wish I could walk around my town more. A lot of places are sketchy so I wouldn’t really want to walk them by myself anyway.

my city is a 100, ~walker’s paradise~.
it got 79 for transit, and that is apparently excellent. (i love my cities transit, soo~)

apparently my neighbourhood is car dependant, but i disagree. it is a 15 minute walk to the train station. and less than that to a few grocery stores and stuff. not far at all.

home: 6

school: 54

97 out of 100 in Baltimore. 100 out of 100 in NYC.

i love city life!

moving from a 58 to a 97! woo!!! 

Downtown New Haven is a 94, my own house is 71. Ain’t bad.

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    63/100 decent :)
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    haha, my parents house in CT is a 0. Expected but still awful. My Tuscaloosa residence is a 48, so not bad, but it is a...
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    72/100 And this is why I’m a city girl. Everything is within walking or biking distance. I still dislike Newark though.
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    at 52/100, significantly better than GWALP but by no means great
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    Hmmmm.. 8/100 FAIL.
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    my apartment next semester is a 66 (somewhat walkable). i wont mind living in a predominantly mexican neighborhood just...
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    83/100 too bad my parents think I’ll get kidnapped if I even attempt walking somewhere :1
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    11. trolololol
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    HAHA my house got a straight 0. awesome. town of berlin (if you live very close to farmington ave) got a 52, and my old...
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    school: 92 big fat LET’S GO CHARLOTTESVILLE
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    Shan I got a 95 when I checked Clay st! And an 85 at my new place which I think is weird? I feel like I will walk more...
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    handsome woman (posting after my first night here) is a 60. my old houses were a 35 and a 20 respectively. this is cool!
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    Downtown New Haven is a 94, my own house is 71. Ain’t bad.
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    moving from a 58 to a 97! woo!!!
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    97 out of 100 in Baltimore. 100 out of 100 in NYC. i love city life!
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    where I grew up: 49 where I lived in high school: 87 my college apartment: 18 where I live now: 57
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    80…if we didn’t have cars, we walked EVERY WHERE
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    73/100. “Very walkable.” One of the reasons why I chose this area.
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    45. And it turns out I’ve been taking the long way home every day. Fuck.
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    53. Somewhat walkable. WELL.
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    65,somewhat walkable.Hmm it’s not that bad.
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    97, woo! I’m just confused as to why it’s not 100…I can walk everywhere!
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    60 :D
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    83 for Walla Walla! Nice! In other news, I am sicky sicky sicky in California. Presentation on It Gets Better went great...
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    91 (for where I live at home, not at school— school got a 54, but that’s just because the village is so damn tiny)!...
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    90. Because I live in the middle of ~hipster central.
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    My neighborhood in Seattle was a 95. Where I live now is an 18. It chafes.
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    75/100 Our place is pretty cool here in SF. Lots of restaurants and stuff. Also MUNI is nearly right out our doorstep....
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    40%. I’m kind of surprised it’s not higher, but then there really isn’t terribly much, nor is there a lot of sidewalks...
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    Well, my school address got a score of 48. But back home? 28. And UMKC? 80. :] I can’t WAIT till this fall! :]
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    where i grew up: 45 old apartment: 75 current apartment: 91
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    78 (at school) - Yup, a lot of things are within walking distance 9 (at home) - Hahaha….ha….
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    48 :)
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    43. meh
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    0/100. Bahahaha, I figured.
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    52 woot
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    Well this is depressing. My town has a 94, but my neighborhood has a 49. Hooray for living near the highway :/
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    Muncie (ie, Ball State) is 69 *giggles*, Clarksville (home) is 46, and Louisville (may as well be home |D) is 86. o7...